LandAmerica Commercial Services


On March 27, 2009, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc., closed on an Asset Purchase Agreement with LandAmerica Assessment Corporation ("LAC") to purchase the assets of LAC. Partner announced the acquisition in a press release issued on March 30. For new orders, on-going reports or completed reports call Partner at 800-419-4923.

In addition to digital assets, existing environmental reports and LAC's "best-in-industry" software systems, Partner purchased outstanding LAC accounts receivable. Customers should direct payments to LandAmerica Assessment Corporation, c/o Partner Engineering and Science, Inc., 2154 Torrance Blvd, Ste 200, Torrance, California 90501, Phone: 800-419-4923.

Many of the parties involved in substantial commercial real estate transactions require periodic updates to property inspection reports. Ratings agencies, servicers, real estate investment trusts, and asset managers are often required to perform inspections on properties in their portfolios.

LandAmerica Assessment Corporation (LAC) offers an Industrial Tenant Audit (ITA) for surveillance purposes as well as our Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Annual Property Inspections. These services are designed to assess property condition and potential environmental risk, as well as determine maintenance issues and evaluate maintenance operations.